Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Homeschool 101: My homeschool is nothing like YOURS!


All praise and thanks belongs to Allaah. Lord and Creator of all the worlds. May Allaah bestow His peace & mercy upon the Prophet, his family, his companions, and on all of those who follow them in truth until The Last Day. Aameen

As salaamu alaykunna

Today is homeschooling and homemaking day. It's the last day for this theme Mashaa'Allaah. I thought I end this theme in the homeschool area with a reminder.

My homeschool is nothing like yours. 

Have you ever been blog visiting, and Facebook visiting, looking around at different home schoolers activities and you saw something that made you feel.........inadequate.............confused......................unsure and the like?

Well, I'm writing this post to tell you guys and remind myself first that: MY home school is nothing like YOURS!

How often do we as Ummi's get a sudden case of the blues and anxiety when we see other Ummi's excelling in their endeavors in homeschool?

Sometimes we feel so bad, that inside we look at our children a little bit differently. Some how we end up comparing little Muhammad's activities to little Zainab's activities ...and then we start to wonder why little Muhammad isn't doing enough, why isn't he reciting Qur'aan like little Zainab?

This is a sad but very true case. We have to remember that each child and household is different. 

Some parent's go as far as to belittle their own efforts and put burdens on themselves and their child just because someone else maybe do something that works for their child and their family.

We have to be hip to the fact that when Umm's share their home school activities, success, and ideas. It is merely to give other parents ideas, suggestions, and help with their home school. It is not meant to boast or make anyone feel inadequate.

Home schooling, like life, is a learning experience. Some of us will get our ideas, activities, and routines down the first time around, and for some of us it will take the 2nd child to finally get an IDEA as to where to start.

Each child is different. What works for Muhammad, may not work for Zainab. AND IT'S OK! Because Muhammad and Zainab are not one in the same - they are two unique individuals with different needs and wants. We have to accept this fact as true and embrace it- because no two home school's are the same.

Take your visit to various blogs and websites- with a grain of salt- every parent has their ups and downs- fails and success...........some of us share those trials and some of us don't. 

Whether we do share, or we don't- remember that your child is your own, and he or she is totally unique and we as parents have to do our best to aide our children in bringing about their uniqueness.

And remember- no matter what- never discourage a child, or say to a child: "You need to be more like so & so...."

We are to facilitate as parent's a child's desire and need to excel in the most Allaah fearing way possible. Children are a trust from Allaah and we should thank Allaah much for the blessing of having children. As some women wombs are barren........

When you start to feel discourage, unsure, and comparing your child to the next...............remember

MY home school is nothing like YOURS and Al- Hamdu lillaah in all circumstance!


  1. Great Post! I so wish I could homeschool Full-time! I have to homeschool my children after they have been at school all day and then at a weekend as it is the only time they have spare! My husband doesn't agree with taking them out of school so my way is the only way - as you said 'My home school is nothing like yours'.

  2. Bismillaah

    As salaamu alaiki!

    I love how you ended your comment! It's true each homeschool is so different- you still are a homeschooling parent even if your kiddos go to public school. I still think it's awesome that you find away to teach them inspite of that fact! Your homeschool is unique :)

    ~Umm Suhailah~

  3. MashaAllah.... JazakAllah Khair for such a well needed post! I also found your posts on marital discord very useful....May Allah reward you immensely.


    1. Bismillaah

      As salaamu aliki Sis Sara

      Aameen waiyyak :)

      Aameen to your duaa - I'm glad the post help in some way. It means a lot <3 Thank you for commenting ~Umm Suhailah~


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