Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Classy & Virtuous Helpmeet: 5 Ways To Encourage Your Husband


All praise and thanks belongs to Allaah. Lord and Creator of all the worlds. May Allaah bestow His peace & mercy upon the Prophet, his family, his companions, and on all of those who follow them in truth until The Last Day. Aameen

As salaamu alaykunna!

Let's start with our first topic for today's theme.

5 Ways to Encourage Your Husband

Part of being a classy & virtuous helpmeet is helping your husband. It's important for all members of the family to be team members and help each other.

I would like to share some ways we can be great team members and helpmeets by being a source of encouragement to & for our husbands. In shaa Allaah

1. Pray For Your Husband

Make it your goal/mission to take time out of your day to pray for your husband. Asking Allaah to strengthen your husband in the deen, to grant him success in this life and the next. Ask Allaah to guide him and shelter him from the ills and harms of this world.

Tell your husband that you pray for him and that you do this because you want the best for him. Nothing brings the hearts closer than someone you know, wanting good for you, and praying for you to be successful in this life and the next.

That's a beautiful virtuous quality all of us wives should have.

2. Recognize & Acknowledge his good qualities

Some days some of us barely recognize let along acknowledge the good qualities our dear husbands have. Take the time to tell your husband about his good qualities.

Whether he's a hard worker, good father, talented individual, or caring...

Let him know you see this, and you appreciate this and recognize he's a person with good qualities that makes him unique.

3.  Share your husband's burden & pain as if it's your own

You and your husband should be close. Companions. Best friends. When he is down or upset, take it as yourself. And encourage him towards good....you should feel his burden as your own.

"Be careful, O my daughter, of showing joy in front of him when he is upset, and do not show sorrow in front of him when he is happy, because the former shows a lack of judgment whilst the latter will make him unhappy."

4. Listen to him

A good way to encourage your husband is simply by listening to him. 

When you listen, listen attentively. Stop what you are doing and give him all of your attention. Make eye contact as well. Husband's have a hard day, just like us ladies. So lend him your ears unconditionally and he will feel that you support him and care In shaa Allaah

and lastly 5. Give words of encouragement 

"You can do it."

"I'm proud of you." "Thank you for working for the family today."

Encouraging words are so helpful.

"Without encouragement, we would feel alone in our efforts and alone in the world. Life can be tough and it helps to have caring people around us to encourage us and build us up, to lead us on and drive us forward. Without encouragement, we may feel like our efforts our useless and futile. Encouragement strengthens the soul, bonds people with one another and keeps us going during times of trial and struggle."

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