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Nurturing Mu'minaat: Goals & Resources

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I've been wanting to do this for awhile but have been busy in my life that I have not had the chance to sit still long enough to put it into motion. 

The girls are at a age where it is time for them to develop certain habits. Suhailah is 5 years old, about to be 6 years old In shaa Allaah. Yara is 4 years old and will be 5 this year In shaa Allaah. Zainab is 3 years old and will be 4 years old this year. In shaa Allaah. Mariam is my last girl and she will be 1 years old In shaa Allaah this year. Even though Mariam will be too young to participate fully, I have it in my mind that the older girls will be helping her as they apply what they learn.
First, lets talk about what's the goal.
The goal for these group of ladies is to empower, educate, cultivate them upon tasfiyah wat tarbiyah for the pleasure of Allaah.
Children are the next leaders of society, it is important they are raised to be morally upright Muslims in society. This is our job as a parent and we should take it very seriously. May Allaah make us better representatives of this blessed deen Aameen.
The books we are using along this journey are the following (but not limited to):
Attributes of the righteous wife- by: Shaykh Abdur Razzaq Ibn Abdul Muhsin Al-Abbad
Fascinating Womanhood- by: Helen Andelin
How to raise a lady - by: Kay West
Al-Adab Al-Mufrad (A code for everyday living: the example of the early Muslims): Imam Bukhari Abu 'Abdullah Muhammad b. Isma'il

Al Usool uth Thalaathah (The Three Fundamental Principles)
Activities we plan on covering for the month of February:
Hygiene - developing healthy habits and practicing good hygiene
Domestic Skills - learning how to clean and take responsibility for their own property (putting things away in its appropriate place), understanding chores 
Manners- we are going over Islaamic etiquette for eating, sleeping, and certain behaviors that are lady like as well as Islaamic 
Islaamic Studies- Understanding at-Tawheed, and getting to know Allaah. The girls are in a position where they need to develop a relationship with Allaah, learning to seek His pleasure, ask for forgiveness etc.
So far the girls have gotten three purses. Inside the girls have certain essentials that they need to start practicing good hygienic habits. In shaa Allaah. If you intend on doing this with your child, you can put toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, deodorant, chap-stick, instinja bottle etc. inside the pursue. It's each girl responsibility to wake up in the morning, brush their teeth, clean their face, pick out their clothes, put up the dirty clothes they took off etc. This is the start to learning how to be responsible, practicing good hygiene etc. Each day the girls will learn about certain etiquette as well. I plan on teaching them verbally and giving them assignments in the form of Montessori style, and then worksheets at the end of the week to test their understanding In shaa Allaah.
What are some suggestions you ladies may have to add to this program?


  1. Assalaamu Alaikum
    Maashaa Allaah very nice. Its much similar to what we are doing over here with 12 girls. May Allaah make it a success for you and kids. Aameen. I guess you will include sewing and knitting and stuff later on. Kids really love them too.

    1. Bismillaah

      و عليكم السلام


      I'm not sure if I will add sewing or knitting. But I may have them do something else. May Allaah allow us all to benefit and forgive us if we err Aameen. I'm looking to make this a Montessori style of learning ....very hands on. Open to ideas if you have any


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