Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chef Naima's Gourmet Nostalgia: FROZEN YOGURT BITES

As Salaamu Alaikum ummis!  

It’s been another joyfully busy week in my household!  Our home life has been filled with extracurricular activities, neighborhood walks and lots of cooking, cleaning & homeschooling!  This week I also started cooking in bulk to save time on days when I would rather focus my energy outside of the kitchen!  Twice this week, I cooked enough food to last for 3 days including snacks, lunches and dinners. 

One of the snacks that I threw together this week, ‘Frozen Yogurt Bites’, are incredibly easy and fun to make!  They are a simple take on frozen yogurt.  ‘Frozen Yogurt Bites’ are simple and refreshing ma shaa Allah; the kids literally begged me to sample these as soon as they were done!  I look forward to making these in the summer time in shaa Allah!  

But there’s nothing wrong with getting some extra practice in until then, is there?!  Here’s what you’ll need to give them a try:

-2 small containers of Greek yogurt (any brand will do!  I used ‘Oikos’ raspberry flavored yogurt)

-Honey (to taste, if desired)

-An icing bag with nozzles

Mix the yogurt to blend the fruit.  

Add a bit of honey to taste if desired (frozen yogurt does tend to taste less sweet than when it is thawed!).  

Transfer the blended yogurt into your icing bag, and squeeze bite sized amounts of yogurt onto a cookie sheet. 

  Really have fun with this part!  

Use different nozzles and find your favorite shape!  

Transfer the cookie sheet to the freezer, and let the yogurt freeze for 30-40 minutes.  

Remove from freezer and serve immediately since they do melt! 


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  1. Wa alaykum salaam,

    you have to eat them same day, or can you keep hem frozen in bag for longer period of time?


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