Sunday, March 09, 2014

Mariam Poppins March & April Schedule


As salaamu alaykunna,

Welcome to Mariam Poppins. We are all about helping Muslimah's be their very best. These are the themes for the month of March & April. Baraka Allaahu Feekum for reading.

Monday: The Blissful Wives Club (Tips to bring the hearts closer)

Tuesday: The Interruption (reviving yourself, moving forward from life's interruptions)

Wednesday: The Mom's Circle (chit chat about common motherly issues, concerns, joys and all the madness in between)

Thursday: Handmade/Homemade Ideas (my adventures in the world of homemade & handmade fun)

Friday: Essential Pearls: Who is Allaah? (learning about Allaah, for not only these two months but for the rest of our lives *smiles*) / Featured Muslimah

Saturday: Top 5 (Top 5 tips or top 5 ideas that we want to share here at MP, from marriage, health, ...well anything!)

Sunday: Me time- no posting (studying my Arabic, spending time with family....just being me ♥)


  1. ma shaa Allah may Allah reward you and your family and accept all this time, effort and sharing you do as sadaqah that weighs heavy on your scale of good deeds on judgement day Aameen

  2. What happened to polygonous musings??


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