Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mariam Poppins Week 3: Renew, Revisit & Flourish Challenge


Week 3: 

Renew, Revisit & Flourish Challenge

1. Mutual benefit: learn together. Choose a book (religious) that your spouse is interested in and read to him for 15 minutes (3 times this week)

2. Revisit week 1 Speech: be verbally supportive. Make sure you ask him at least twice a day if he needs any help.

3. Revisit week 2 : The moment of gratitude: at the end of the day the wife will write 3 things that she is grateful for that her husband has done that day. She must read it out loud to him

4. Reflection: Find an old issue in your heart that you know affected him that was never resolved and say “I’m sorry”

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