Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Blissful Wives Club: How to acquire a feminine appearance (Fascinating Womanhood)


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As Salaamu Alaykunna

Hola ladies! Thanks for stopping by the blog and reading the post here :-). I've been sharing excerpts from the book "Fascinating Womanhood" and one of the topics we covered last time was "The introduction to femininity" - it was a topic that some sisters did not agree with and some even had drastic things to type about it.
Feel free to disagree or agree with the author in what's best for you and your life. 
I just wanted to recap for everyone how to acquire a feminine appearance and give an assignment from the book.

To Acquire a Feminine Appearance:
Accentuate the differences between you and men in:

1. Fabric Weave
2. Fabric Color
3. Fabric Design
4. Style
5. Pants
6. Trim
7. Accessories
8. Grooming/Makeup
9. Modesty


Make or buy a feminine house dress and apron. Add feminine touches (ribbon or pearls). Groom your hair in a feminine style and if you wear makeup, apply it with skill. Watch your husband's reaction. Record his favorable reaction in your love booklet.

"To achieve a feminine appearance, the important thing to remember is the overall impression you make. It is not necessary to wear ruffles and lace, but do work for a striking contrast to masculinity."

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