Thursday, May 15, 2014

Urban Homesteading: My adventures & my joy


"All praise and thanks belongs to Allaah. Lord & Creator of all the worlds. May Allaah bestow His peace & mercy upon the Prophet, his family, his companions, and on all of those who follow them in truth until The Last Day" Aameen

As salaamu alaykunna!

This year my family and I have picked up on some goals we've been wanting to do for awhile. Al Hamdulillaah this year thus far we are experiencing homesteading. 
I never thought I would be interested in this type of lifestyle but Al Hamdulillaah its an enjoyment of mine. Lately we have been into gardening and foraging. The children have been learning to recognize weeds in our yard - what is edible. 

Doing things hands on has been self satisfying and gratifying. I feel accomplished and empowered by the permission of Allaah. My husband has been such a big inspiration - May Allaah bestow His peace & mercy upon him Aameen. To have the whole entire family hands on and aboard is absolutely great! We have accomplished a lot of things thus far, such as:
* Recognizing various types of edible weeds
* Making several homemade products
*Establishing an outdoor gardening to reap a harvest
*Increasing our knowledge on the benefits of certain things
Working hard, and using my hands has made me more appreciative of what Allaah has provided me and my family. It is truly a mercy from our Lord that I am able to experience this. Making homemade products like: deodorant, jams, teas, hair products etc. has been fun. 

What's next on your agenda? Right now my family and I are making our own Kombucha tea
Kombucha (Russian: chaynyy grib (чайный гриб), Chinese: chájūn (茶菌), Korean: beoseotcha (버섯차)), is a lightly effervescent fermented drink of sweetened black tea that is used as a functional food. It is produced by fermenting the tea using a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, or "SCOBY".

There are so many things I want to do. Subhana Allaah. As we learn and do more things. In shaa Allaah I will continuously update :-D 

Anyone out there in the blog-o-sphere into homesteading? What are your thoughts?

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