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Homeschool Corner: Plans for the week of 6/2 - 6/7 :)


"All praise and thanks belongs to Allaah. Lord & Creator of all the worlds. May Allaah bestow His peace & mercy upon the Prophet, his family, his companions, and on all of those who follow them in truth until The Last Day" Aameen

As salaamu alaykunna!


Welcome to Mariam Poppins. This is The Homeschool Corner. In shaa Allaah I will be sharing with you guys my plans for the week. For now I try to make my Tuesday plans lighter because the kids have a play group they go to. I currently host the play group and I need to be able to teach and attend their play date at the same time.

Currently I am homeschooling a toddler, preschooler, 
kindergartner (soon to be first grader) and my baby girl who is 8 months old. (Hands full indeed!)

I'm going to break down each person I'm homeschooling and what subjects they are doing. In shaa Allaah. I will put Yara & Suhailah Together - as they are learning the same things at the same time with slight alteration. 

Subjects I teach currently: Reading, Mathematics, Science, Arts & Crafts, Language Arts, Health, Geography, Composition, Handwriting, Arabic, Islaamic Studies Qur'aan 

Suhailah (6 years old currently in Kindergarten) & Yara (4 years old currently in Pre K - K)

Composition: Nursery Rhymes - Write Nursery Rhymes

Monday- Friday: Write a short story before school starts

Mathematics:  Subtraction Review 

Monday: Workbook Activity 
Tuesday: Computer Game 
Wednesday: Workbook Activity 
Thursday: Workbook Activity
Friday: Computer Game

Spelling & Writing: Copying Short Sentences

Monday: Copying Short Sentences from "Green Eggs & Ham" (Suhailah) & Bob books (Yara)

Tuesday: *

Wednesday: *

Arabic: Letter Recognition & Writing

Thursday: Smart Ark Snap Cards, Workbook and Flashcards*

Friday: *

Saturday: *

Health: Your Body Helps You Learn (Health for Life School book)

Monday: Lesson 1 How Can Your Eyes Help You? (Read Lesson)
Activity: View the video "A Child With Blindness"

Tuesday: Lesson 2 How Can Your Ears Help You? (Read lesson)
Activity: View the video "Understanding Deafness" Learn To Sign 

Wednesday: Lesson 3 How Can Your Hands Help You? (Read  lesson)
Activity: Make A Sensory Art Craft 

Thursday: Lesson 4 How Can Your Nose Help You? (Read Lesson)
Activity: Sensory Craft that has a smell to it 

Friday: Lesson 5 How Can Your Tongue Help You? (read lesson)
Activity: Chapter 2 Review, Use Health Words, Chapter 2 Test
Yes or No questions for the test

Reading: Sight Words & Word Families Review

Monday: Sight Word Bingo
Tuesday:  Practice Reading Bob Books

Wednesday: Gone fishin' - catching sight words and past word families learned

Thursday: iPad Sight Word App 

Friday: Review 

Science: Unit 1 Life Science - Living Things

Monday: Lesson 4. How do plants and animals need each other? (Read Lesson)
Activity: Lesson Review <----did orally / no written work today

Wednesday: Explore Together: How do bird use plants to make nests?
Activity: Make a birds nest

You Need:
long, dry grass, mud, pie pan

Friday:Explore - Make a bird feeder (missed this last Friday)

Language Arts: Nouns

Suhailah: Tuesday: Nouns, Adjectives & Verbs Workbook*


Yara: Tuesday & Thursday: iPad App

Islaamic Studies: Islamic Studies Level 1 (you can download it here) Read The Story of Prophet Yunus
 Monday - Wednesday

P.E. Tuesday, Friday & Saturday

Social Studies: Different Cultures: Hispanic Culture

Monday: Learning about the Hispanic culture
Activity: view video : Latino Learning Modules: Latino Culture & Cultural Values

Tuesday: Languages in the Hispanic Culture 

Activity: Learn simple Spanish terms and sentences

Wednesday: Understanding family in the Hispanic culture

Activity: Draw a family portrait and learn about the importance of family through Islaam

Geography: The 7 Continents - Getting To Know Antarctica  (Missed this last week)

Thursday: Review the video and write facts about Antarctica

Friday: Learn about the parts of the penguin 
Activity: Draw a picture of the penguins in Antarctica

Saturday: Worksheet & Art Activity

- For all iPad apps mentioned I will be sharing what iPad Apps we are using In shaa Allaah. All apps I am using thus far are free :-D

Zainab (3 years old, preschooler)

Mathematics: Number Recognition
Monday- Friday: Flashcards, Workbook, & iPad apps

Spelling & Writing: Simple 3 letter words & Prewriting

Mon-Friday: iPad App for Spelling - Prewriting Exercises (workbook)

Arabic: Letter Recognition & Writing

Mon-Friday: Smart Ark Snap Cards, Flashcards and Workbook

Health: About Feelings (Health for Life School book) (Same as older children)

Reading: Bob Books, Flashcards & Workbook (Monday - Friday)

Science: Unit 1 Life Science - Living Things

Same as older children

Islaamic Studies: 

Mon - Wed: Flashcards & Colouring Book Allaah Created Everything

P.E. Tuesday, Friday & Saturday

Social Studies: Same as older children

Geography: Same as older children

Abdullaah (2 years old, toddler) & Mariam ( 8 months old)

Reading - Abc, Whole Word Flash cards - Starfall & iPad Apps

Math: Number flash cards - Color & Shapes Recognition

Sign Language: Video

Sensory Play <----------------------- fun zone!

Learning by wandering between each child lessons*

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