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Homeschool Recap: 5/26-5/31 & 6/2 - 6/7


"All praise and thanks belongs to Allaah. Lord & Creator of all the worlds. May Allaah bestow His peace & mercy upon the Prophet, his family, his companions, and on all of those who follow them in truth until The Last Day" Aameen

As salaamu alaykunna!

I'm pretty late writing the recap for 5/26 - 5/31 so I wanted to add it with last weeks school recap.

Let's get right to it shall, we?


The girls spent time reading their Bob Books and Suhailah finally completing Green Eggs & Ham.
They decorated their word families and played sight word games online.

I made the words go into sentences and had the girls read them to me. Al Hamdulillaah. Zainab is working on letter recognition and reading her Bob Books

Zainab and I really been working through her workbooks. She enjoys them more then my activities outside of them with the exception of Science and Health. 


The girls continue doing their subtraction. Each child is doing well in this area. I use beads for Yara to help her do her maths. Suhailah either uses her fingers or sticks when working on math. Zainab is working on number recognition with Abdullaah.  I really can say the kids are pretty good when it comes to school and when we do have a problem its because I don't know how to work with each child's learning style.


Each child got to use the seed starter and plant cucumbers, cantaloupe, and beets. We learned about the relationship between animal and plants. What plants need to survive as well as animals.


The week before last we worked on Feelings & last week we worked on how the body helps us learn.

The older girls had to take a test in Health class and they did great Al Hamdulillaah.

Spelling & Writing:

Yara did Bob Books. Al Hamdulillaah she completed reading the Bob Book and is on her second one. I've been making her write it and read it. Suhailah completed Green Eggs & Hams and she's been writing it and reading it. Before she could finish writing the whole book, she finished reading it. So her father and I decided to move her on to the next book to write. I'm unsure what book that will be this week. 



Arabic & Islaamic Studies

Al Hamdulillaah the kiddos are still doing the Arabic Flash cards. And Suhailah is doing the story of Prophet Yunus 

Social Studies

We completed talking about Native Americans & now we are focused on the hispanic culture. 
I didn't like the videos that I picked for Hispanic culture theme so next week I am going to do it over again. But the kids love the Native American theme.

For Geography  we didn't get to do this week but I plan on making next week a "Review & Missed Week" so we will be catching up on all the things we missed and all the subjects we need to review in a fun way! In shaa Allaah.

Thanks for reading <3

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