Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Establishing Routines For Children


الحمد لله الرب العالمين خلق الجن و الإنس لعبادته و امرهم بتوحيده و طاعته و اشهد ان لا اله الا الله و اشهد ان محمدا عبده و رسوله, أما بعد:

All praises are for Allah, who has created the Jinn and mankind for His worship and who has commanded them with His Tawheed and His obedience. I testify that none has the right to be worshiped in truth besides Allah, and I further testify that Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم is His slave and messenger.

As to what proceeds then the best speech is the book of Allah and the best guidance is that of His messenger Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم and the worst of affairs are the newly invented matters in this noble religion of Islaam. Every invented matter is a Bidah (Innovation) and every Bidah is a going astray and every going astray leads to the fire of hell.

As salaamu alaikum :)

Hola, howdy, and welcome to Mariam Poppins.

I love routines and schedules! Al Hamdulillaah I may not be able to stick with them often, but I understand them to be very important.

Just recently my eldest (6 yrs old) ask if we establish some routines.

Well, she didn't use the words "routine" but she asked: 

"can we do gardening on Wednesdays, such & such another day," etc.

I'm glad she asked because it was a great reminder why children need routines.

Why do children need routines?

What's the benefit?

Children like and need structure.

Routines give children a sense of security and stability. 

Children are at ease when they know what is going to happen next. 

Some other benefits to having routines are as follows:

A. Routines help children cooperate
B. Routines help children have understanding of what is going to happen
C. Routines make children feel secure
D. Routines help keep power struggles and battles at bay

So I took some time to sit down and write some routines that I want to include in my kiddos everyday life.

We homeschool everyday but I decided to add something new to each day, to go with the homeschool routine.

For the older girls (6 yrs, 5 yrs, 4 yrs old)

Monday: Homeschool 
Arts & Crafts Days - we did this yesterday. The girls did independent arts & crafts activity and they loved it! Ma shaa Allaah. It was totally child led, and me and my husband was not there over their shoulders. They loved the freedom.

Tuesday: Homeschool
Around the world Tuesdays
This is the day we learn about any place the children want to learn about and do an activity related to that place. They can decide to cook a meal together, dress the part, or do a craft. It's totally up to them

Wednesday: Homeschool
Garden days
This day we go into the garden, learn about the plants, groom the garden, work on the compost, and plant. 

Thursday: Homeschool
House clean up
My girls love to clean, believe it or not! So I get them involve to do certain cleaning task.

Friday: Tea Party Day
Islaamic Studies & Qur'aan

Who doesn't love a great tea party? Yaaaay after working hard all week, time to party!!!

Saturday: Sew Cool Beginners
Arabic Studies
My children been wanting to sew since they knew a machine existed.  Every Saturday In shaa Allaah we will be learning how to sew and I'll update our journey In shaa Allaah on the blog.

Sunday: Hair day
Computer time

Before the school week starts, its important I style, and cut hair. The children have it in their mind that I'm doing hair and we are slowing down to prepare for Monday. This is the day they can use my computer to play a computer game (which they love to do but rarely if ever do)


Babies/Toddler Routine (2 yrs & 1 yrs old)

Monday: Homeschool
Sensory Fun

I love teaching these little people! They get excited over anything lol! Yesterday we read Polar bear, polar bear what do you hear and did sensory bin activity. 

Tuesday: Homeschool
Montessori Activity
I'm a lover of Montessori. So I'm overly excited to do these activities. I will post more on what we do on the blog In shaa Allaah.

Wednesday: Homeschool
Nature Explorers
This is the day we spend exploring the world, through little people eyes :)
Collect rocks, look at pine cones, learn about plants.

Thursday: Homeschool
Arts & Crafts
Paint, glitter, glue, crayons, stickers and tons of giggles.

Friday: Islaamic Studies
Sensory Bin Fun
We are going to study about Tawheed and then do some sensory bin activity related to our Islaamic Studies topics In shaa Allaah

Saturday: Homeschool 
Arabic Studies
This is just a flash card day and perhaps an app the kids can use to do independent work. (yes they both do independent work on the iPad Ma shaa Allaah)

Sunday: Hair day
Computer Time.


These are my routines that I decided to do with my kiddos. In my post coming up this week I will share with you guys the chores I decided I wanted the kids to do. They are unconventional and fun :D

I'm interested in knowing if anyone else has routines that they established?

I don't have a bedtime routine as of yet that has any thing especial to it but I'm thinking that might be my next thing to work on.


  1. Wa alaykum salaam,

    Looking forward to reading more about it. I should start more routines aswell.

    1. Bismillaah

      I would love to know your routines when you write it out :D i'm always looking for inspiration


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