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Haters Are My Motivation

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 I wanna talk about something I keep seeing.

A common phrase going around has become popular 'Haters are my motivation."

What does this mean? A hater is someone who isn't happy for you. Especially if you are doing well for yourself and are successful, happy and soaring.

The reason we do anything beneficial, productive, and beyond average is due to the 'haters' and how their poor behavior or what seems to be poor behavior is inspiring and motivating you. This is a big problem and a phrase that we should stay away from.

Instead we should adapt the saying:  Pleasing Allaah is My Motivation and let it also be what our heart holds true.

'Haters' are suppose to be rude, mean, antagonist, who spit out negative energy.

How can anything like this motivate you?

It should be Allaah the Mighty and Exalted and His aayats that motivate you to bring out your best.

Allaah says

'Were they created by nothing, or were they themselves the creators? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Nay, but they have no firm belief.' At- Tur (52:35-36)

'May Allah show you mercy! Look within yourself. Look at the beginning of your creation, from sperm to a morsel of flesh until you became a perfect human with complete parts internally and externally. Doesn't this compel and drive you to recognize the Lord who is able to do all things, whose knowledge encompasses everything, Who is wise regarding everything He created and made?


If all of creation were to assemble themselves over this sperm that Allaah made as the beginning of your creation, in order to transfer it to these various stages, to safeguard it in that fortified habitat (the womb) and then make limbs for it externally and make inner abilities along with hearing seeing and intellect - If they gathered to develop it with such amazing development, assemble it into such a well-structured assembly, organizing the body parts according to such precise arrangement, so that each body part is in its appropriate place- If they gathered to do that, would their collective knowledge, power and capabilities allow them to arrive at such a result?

Taking such a straightforward look would cause you to arrive at the recognition of Allah's power, magnificence and Oneness; it would lead you to submitting to Him, believing in His scriptures and Messengers, knowing Him and believing in the Final Day."

(taken from: Logical Proofs For The Oneness & Perfection Of Allah written by Ash Shaikh Abdur Rahman bin Naasir As-Sa'dee -D.1376 h.)

Haters shouldn't be your motivation to do better and strive harder.

The following should be your motivators:

The Companions of the Prophet, (sallaahu alayhi wa sallaam)

Their Followers (the Taabi'een and the Taabi Taabi'een - the first three generations of Muslims) 

The Scholars of the Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah after them who followed their way in belief and died etc.

So the next time you think about making haters your motivation, think again.

You want to always have your motivation come from pleasing Allaah and being like those who proceeded us in death of the time of the Prophet sallaahu alayhi wa salaam  and those who are striving to do right and be pious.

Not everyone is a hater, and yes some people can hate the happiness you radiate, but don't play into it. Instead make du'aa for that person and strengthen yourself with Islaam. Live your life striving, growing, and pushing forward with pleasing Allaah as your motivation and Jannah as your goal.

This life is temporary and I honestly see no point in being motivated by haters to do better. I think I will have to decline that phrase and make it so that in my life my motivation for everything I do, who I am, who I want to be, and all that I strive to achieve is at the end just to please Allaah.

Isn't that the best type of motivation?

*high five*


Have a great day ya'll and be totally awesome!!!


  1. Yes!!! MashaAllah

  2. Mashallah..thank you and i pray for god grant you janato alferdaws ..amien

    1. Bismillaah

      Aameen wa anta <3 you are very welcome

  3. Beautifully put. Jazakallahu khair uhkti

    1. Bismillaah awwwwww thank you kindly Aameen waiyyak <3

  4. al hamdulillah! When I saw the title I wasn't sure where it would go. I was pleasantly surprised! "Pleasing Allah is my motivation"! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Bismillaah

      :-) I needed the inspiration as well!!! Thank you for your reminders too over at Ummi's House <3


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