Monday, May 25, 2015

The Sewist Corner: The Pinafore Dress


As salaamu alaikum!!

Howdy friends!

You know I love to sew!!!! And lately I've been sewing the Pinafore Dress.

I find it to be pretty simple, (since I'm still learning things in sewing) and there are plenty of free patterns online if you are interested in sewing your own.

Here are some pictures of me sewing this dress and I did get  a toddler pattern that I found online for my 1 yr old.

For the older girls I just use one of their dresses that is similar in design, traced the pattern and then started sewing.

I'm currently sewing some more and I'm adding new things that I haven't learned to really use before like fabric for the hem, ribbon etc.

What do you like to sew? What are you currently sewing?


  1. These little dresses are so cute and such a great way to learn new techniques without lots of stress and frustration. I really enjoy sewing little kids clothes, they are done so much faster and there's never much concern about the fit.

    1. Bismillaah

      What's your favorite kids clothes to sew? We should do that sew along soon!!!


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