Friday, June 17, 2016

Ramadhaan Arts & Crafts Day 12: I Spy Bags


As salaamu alaikum!!!

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Today's arts and crafts was I spy bags. 

I spy bags that are Ramadhaan inspired. This is another quick activity that all the kids enjoyed. Some of them didn't finish their bag and started crying when I was like I have to finish another part of my schedule lol. But Al Hamdulillaah we are suppose to finish the rest of our bags after snack time In shaa Allaah.

So in this post I will share my toddlers bags with you all.

Here's what you'll need:

Ziploc baggies
Ramadhaan inspired items (ex. the letter "R" for Ramadhaan, crescent moon, stars, date seed, diy miniature prayer mat, money etc.)
Food dye, paint, glitter 
Rice or any other filler for the bag

I had some old rice that we couldn't eat anymore and oatmeal. So we put that in our Ziploc baggies mixed with a little paint and made colored rice and oatmeal mixed with glitter.

The older children drew their own pictures to put in their bag.

For my 4 yr old and 2 yr old I drew a masjid, prayer rug, crescent moon, stars and put money in it. They colored their pictures and poured their own rice and oatmeal in the baggie. We reread the book Welcome Ramadan to give the kiddos a reminder of some things that can remind them of Ramadhaan to put in their baggies. 

We picked the masjid because of course that's where we go during the month of Ramadhaan to pray and break fast, a prayer rug because salah is important, crescent moon and stars because the phases of the moon are important to know, and money because we should give charity during this blessed month! Put in your bag what reminds you of Ramadhaan.

Here's how two of them came out:

First I drew some items for the baggie. I didn't want to print them out because well....printer ink cost!!!! I had to get my inner artist out lol. I don't think my drawings are bad :)

So what do you guys think? I'm pretty sure you guys can go the extra mile on this activity! Send me some pics @

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