Monday, June 20, 2016

Ramadhaan Arts & Crafts Day 15: Kaaba


As salaamu alaikum!

Hey friends!!!

Welcome to the blog :-). I'm so happy to have you here! We are doing Ramadhaan inspired Arts & Crafts for the entire month! So please feel free to join in with us and follow us on our crafty journey.

Today we had the chance of doing a Kaaba with a special person! The kiddos father decided to join in today and help the kiddos with decorating and designing Maa shaa Allaah, how awesome is that!?!

So we kinda sorta ran out of materials for this project but I wanted to share with you guys how its going thus far. The kiddos will be finishing it up tomorrow.

Here's what you need to build your own Kaaba:

Glitter (gold)
Construction Paper or Paint
Cardboard or anything sturdy and will stand up without help
Excitement and imagination <3

Sooooooooooo if you wanna see how this crafted ended up visit this post tomorrow In shaa Allaah. Right now we are about to learn some facts about the Kaaba and prepare ourselves for tomorrow In shaa Allaah. 

It was really fun watching the hubster work with the kiddos and see all the messy shiney glitter everywhere on the children's hands and faces!

Ramadhaan and glitter goes so well together Al Hamdulillaah

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