Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ramadhaan Arts & Crafts Day 22: The 5 Pillars


As salaamu alaikum friends!

I hope all of you guys are in the best of health and eemaan Aameen!! 

Welcome to the blog!

Today I'm going to share yesterday's craft with you all In shaa Allaah. I didn't post it yesterday because it needed to dry :D.

We talked about the 5 pillars of Islaam and it really was such a blessing to talk to the kids about the shahadah and how their father and I are reverts. Ma shaa Allaah.

For this activity you will need:

Construction Paper/Stencils 
and some ilm :-)

It's getting down to the wire folks! Have you guys stopped doing crafts to focus on these last days? The last time me and the kiddos did Arts and Crafts we stopped when the last 10 days came upon us. This time I plan on finishing out all of our crafts In shaa Allaah.

Pop on by today to see our craft for day 23 In shaa Allaah.

Have a beautiful day!!!

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