Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bullet Journal: Honey-Do List


As salaamu alaikum!!!!


I am a lover of list, planning, journals, planners, and all of that fun stuff!

I have been making a to do list for my husband inside of my to do list for things I have to naturally do.

But it never occurred to me to do a Honey-Do list! I am actually super excited because if you follow me on Instagram I share all of my journal/planner ideas and designs. 

I'm a newbie to Bullet Journaling and my gal pal over at Ummi's House introduced me to the idea. After some kicking and screaming and then my husband breaking it down more...I was like "Hmmm.....I think I can do this!"

So if you haven't yet then head on over to my Instagram and check out my newbie journal planning and if you click on the hashtags then you'll see so many awesome designs that should inspire you In shaa Allaah. 

Here is an example Honey-Do List that I did in my journal

Don't put on your to-do list: do laundry

I would think beyond that! 

For example I would put: Read to my husband from one of his favorite books


Spend some quiet time together and relax.

Go beyond the surface with your list and be creative!!!! 

This is a list you can add to your journal of things you can do to connect with your husband and increase the love between you two. I don't plan on sharing my list with my husband once I finish it. I plan to just do it and pray to Allaah that it is made easy for me and that it is first to please Him and then next my hubs.

Happy Journaling ladies

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