Thursday, July 07, 2016

Hang Out With Me On Instagram


As salaamu alaikum!!!!

Eid Mubarak you guys!!!!! I am so happy to be able to spend another Eid with my family and with my friends from all over the world!

I will be sharing my Ramadhaan crafts despite the fact that Ramadhaan has come and went. Hey! You guys know life of a mom with 6 kiddos can be time consuming and being married takes most of my time. Anyways I am still stoked to share these craft ideas that you guys can use during and after Ramadhaan. In shaa Allaah.

I'm just popping on by to tell you guys I'm on Instagram! So if you have an Instagram account then you need to follow me this InStant ---lol see what I did there... :-)

I'm on Insta as Mariam Poppins

Pop on by and let's hang together.

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