Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Plan With Me: 2017 Bullet Journal Setup Part 1


As salaamu alaikum and heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you guys!

Welcome and Happy Tuesday Wednesday :)

Since mid summer I believe, I've been Bullet Journaling. I share a lot of my pictures on Instagram.

So if you have an Instagram then come on by and follow my page and check out all of my planning, lettering, painting, and doodling pics! Today I'm going to share my 2017 layout for my bullet journal and talk to you guys about what supplies I am using.

The book I picked is the Leuchtturm 1917. I went ahead and picked this book vs. my TN because I like the fact that this book lays flat. I don't have to use several binder clips to get my pages to lay down. I like the paper quality and I like the fact that it is a hardcover book. 

I purchase my book off of Amazon. I have a purple hard cover dotted A5 Leuchtturm that I will be using In shaa Allaah.

Because I don't really find purple enjoyable and I love dressing up my planner I purchased a cover for my journal. The color is beige and it is really nice Ma shaa Allaah. It makes me feel as though my journal is like a typical planner. 

On the inside of the cover there are several pockets and this makes it easier to carry my fav stickers, sticky notes, paper clips and other planner/journal accessories. It also has two pen holders, one on each side of the cover. 

This year I wanted to use signifiers and though I have used some this year, I didn't have an official key.

A key helps me migrate through my to do list quicker. Instead of writing out that something is urgent I can simple put "!" then I understand that something is top priority. 

Future planning.

This page allows me to write out appointments or events 6 months worth. Normally with 6 children I get confused or forgetful about which child is going to the dentist vs. eye doctor. So now I can just insert the appointment on the right side of the page beside the correct month.

This is such a beneficial page and I would totally tell people not skip over this part. I wasn't utilizing this feature and in consequence I spent time writing appointments in random places in my journal or dry erase board in the house. Do yourself a favor and do a future log <3.

2016 to me was a very hard year. I'm still adjusting to the fact that my brother in law passed away and being there for my sister as she goes through this transition. May Allaah make it easy on her and my nephews Aameen.

I'm hoping to become closer to my Lord by acknowledging my blessings and being thankful for them. In shaa Allaah. This is my January spread simply titled "Thankful" and the numbers on the left represent the days of the month. Each day I would like to write something I am thankful and pray that to Allaah that I am humbled by my blessings and help me stop complaining. 

Ok so In shaa Allaah I have some more layouts to do and I'll be sharing them with you! I have some Islaamic layouts that are sooooooooooooooooooooooo necessary to have in your bujo :) In shaa Allaah.

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