Friday, March 31, 2017

Inside My Herbal Studies Bullet Journal & Your Questions Answered


As salaamu alaikum friends!

I hope you guys are doing great. Happy Fri-yay!!!!

Al Hamdulillaah for everything and everyone.

Today I want to share with you all the inside of my herbal studies bullet journal. I've talked about Bullet Journaling before so feel free to check out some of my past post about the bujo :)

I was inspired by several people to try my hand at illustrating different types of herbs so that I can learn more about them and share my knowledge (very little and limited) with my kiddos and with all you guys online. Yaaaaay!

If you haven't seen this via Facebook or Instagram then this will be all new for you (my pictures). Normally I frequent Instagram with the sharing of my art but I keep forgetting most folks don't have IG.

The book I am using is called Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine - The Definitive Reference To 550 herbs and remedies for common ailments by Andrew Chevallier, FNIMH.  My twin sister whose very much into herbs and herbal living let me borrow her book. Hehehe :) glad to have another homie in the house who enjoys the same things.

When I do a picture I don't go in any particular order or anything like that. Right now I just pick the herbs that I want to learn about or are commonly found where I live. This summer I would like to forage more and use my book as my guide In shaa Allaah.

The book I am using to house my drawings is my handy dandy Leuchtturm 1917 dot grid journal in the color pink (of course!).

I like to draw in pencil first, paint using watercolors and outline it with my Micron pen.  I do my hand lettering with a Tombow brush pen :).

I recently just got a magnifying glass to help me see the details of the plants when I'm drawing them. Other than that I don't do too much of anything else but as I go through this notebook I would like to study more on painting and painting with details. In shaa Allaah I will be sharing my pictures on Instagram, Facebook and via this blog so please stay tuned!

Anyone else into painting, herbal studies and sketch notes? Would like to read what you all think.


  1. My daughter who is 16 wants to be an herbalist. She is also an artist! I showed her your Instagram to give her some inspiration. I love everything you do, quite brilliant.

    1. Bismillaah

      Awwwwwwww thanks Sis Umm Idris <3. I would love to see her art work! That's really cool that she wants to be an herbalist! Combing the art helps for remembering facts :D


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