Saturday, March 04, 2017

Tips For Managing A Big Family Part 2


As salaamu alaikum

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My last blog post was about tips for managing a big family. You can read that blog post here.

Today I'm going to share some more tips that I learned on this path and that may be able to help you out whether you have a big family or not! In shaa Allaah. Let's get this party started lol...

6.  Be the first person to rise in the morning and the last person to bed

This is a big tip whether you have a small family or a big family.  If you are the key figure in your family that does all the cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, homemaking and watching the children then you must be the first one up in the morning and the last one to go to bed at night. I've said this for years and I still stick with it like it's my best friend! When you wake up with the house then that means you are going to be behind. My children start following me around the house asking me about when is breakfast or what's for breakfast? I don't know about you guys but I'm not trying to answer 31 questions from 12 kids first thing in the morning! So Al Hamdulillaah for everything! If we manage our day right then we can really get a good amount of things done and still have time for ourselves. It's gonna to take a lot of work but it's worth it!

7. Put your energy into important task and be mindful of the time drainers. 

I don't have the time to put all my energy in my hijab. I learned that I dig on black more than any color and so when I walk out the door I have my clothes already picked out. I have my uniform together. No more matching this and that or whatever. My time is important and as long as my clothes are clean and I am dressed correctly then I am satisfied. This gives me more time in the day to focus on important matters. As I get older I notice that I have less patience for matters that aren't really that big of a deal. I love wearing hijab but I find it unnecessary to have over 20 garments and niqaabs. In all honesty I have about 3-4 good black ones and 2 niqaabs :). When I put my energy into important task then it makes the house move a tad bit smoother. So be mindful of how you use your energy and what you put your energy into.

8. Positive Mental Attitude

If you don't believe in your abilities then you can't manage a house. It's pretty much simple math. A lot of us self sabotage ourselves and don't even really realize it. The house feeds off the energy of the homemaker. The homemaker by the permission of Allaah sets the tone for the house that day. So believe in yourself and spread positive vibes everywhere. 

9. Write everything down!!!!!

Write down all the things! With a big family you have to meal plan, write down appointments, and have a list together for errands and such. I don't even set myself up anymore trying to remember everything and everyone appointments. If you don't feel like writing then use technology. Break out Siri or Cortana and ask them to remind you of task. There are so many apps out and it's a good idea to invest time in finding the right app to keep you to task.

10. Go to Allaah

My first point was remember Allaah. I want to end this post about going to Allaah. When you feel overwhelmed and under appreciated then just go to Allaah. Sometimes people just need to cry it out and it is very much peaceful just to cry to The One who created you. Allaah has the power to fix everything. Go to Allaah and ask for help. Get up in the middle of the night and just to pray to The One who created the heavens and the earth. Subhana Allaah. A lot of times we just count Allaah out and go straight to human support. Allaah is amazing......Subhana Allaah

I pray that these tips help you guys out and give you some ideas for your home. Please comment below with your own tips.

As always thanks for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day!

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