Friday, April 21, 2017

My main Bullet Journal Supplies

I am often asked questions about my Bullet Journal. Today I want to share all the materials that I use when I'm having my planning sessions.

There are other supplies I use but what I'm sharing today are my main go to items and why I use them. Please don't feel like you have to go to your nearest Michael's to get all of these things. Remember what works for one person may or may not work for you. At the end of it all the main thing is to be productive and enjoy the process! Let's get started! 

1. The Book

My journal of choice at the moment is the Leuchtturm 1917 in the color berry (my favorite color to pick from their company). This journal is a dot grid journal to help me keep my stuff straight! Last time I tried to use a blank journal but it was a hassle to have to keep finding my ruler and make things straight.

I saved myself some time and stress by using the dot grid. My planner/journal cover is a two pen loop cover that I got off of Amazon. I've used it before in the color beige and I liked it so much that I went ahead and ordered another cover online to match my berry :).

Same cover & same style but in the color beige

2. The Pen(s)

I use Micron pens faithfully in my journal and when I'm hand lettering. They are quality pens that do not bleed through my Leuchtthurm journal pages. I purchased all of my pens off of Amazon. Sometimes they have them as "add-ons" at a cheapie price so when I order anything if I have some extra coins hidden somewhere then I throw on a pack.

My personal favorites to use often are the 005, 01 and 08 sizes <3.

3. Markers/Highlighters = Mildliners :)

These are my hightlighters and markers. I don't own any other highlighters. I only use these and I don't use them often for coloring - that's rare if I color with them but as far as highlighting goes then that's my main thing with them.

They are pretty pricey and there are other affordable options out there. I got these on the strength that they were pretty much spoken highly of and I wanted to try them for myself. So my twin sent me these as a gift and I appreciate her supporting my addiction lol! But as I mentioned there are other options that people in the Bullet Journal community are reviewing. It was just that it would have irked me badly if I had never tried them - the struggle is real :)

4. Crayola Supertips

These are so cool! You can purchase these from Walmart for $6 and some change. You get a awesome total of 50 colors!!!! If you are drooling over the Mildliners but don't have all the coins yet to purchase them then try the Crayola Supertips! I haven't used them fully yet but when I do I'll be glad to post some pictures of how I used them. My plans are to use them for hand lettering, highlighting, doodling and anything fun.

5. Tombow Dual brush pens

Tombow Dual Brush Pens are something I'll talk more about in a up and coming post about hand lettering. When I use them in my Bullet Journal I use them to highlight, do hand
lettering or to color (not often). I also use them as watercolors in my sketchbook.

Again Tombow is pretty pricey and I don't know if anyone out there has found anything similar to them at a much affordable price. I honestly feel like they are quality and so I consider it an investment.

I normally purchase all my items off of Amazon.

Getting all these items has taken me some time. Don't feel like you have to buy all the things lol. I use to feel like that and then I learned that in order to make a smart decision you must educate yourself, know your goals and know your options.

Thanks for reading and drop a comment below with some of your favorite supplies for your bujo!

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