Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ramadan For Me: Sharing my plans and thoughts for this month

Howdy and welcome to MP! I am so excited to have you here!

My name is Ameenah and I am your host and MC! 

Ramadan is very close - I mean it is literally like right around the corner! Subhana'Allaah can you believe it? I can't! But this Ramadan I'll have some different plans for myself that I want to share with you all and hopefully, it will be of some benefit!

As a mom of 6 and a wife to my best friend Ma shaa Allaah, I need to figure out how to get the most from my Ramadan. My every day is consumed with the well-being of my family that I often have to be reminded to take care of myself as well. Well, I'm about to be the pretty awesome age of 30.....something lol and I want to do things differently. 

I always plan to study and get our arts and crafts on but this time I want to focus more so on:

1. Productivity: Time is so important and I am feeling as though I'm wasting it. I am ready to get the most from my time. I plan on studying throughout the month and APPLYING what I learn. Though I find myself very tired lately, it will be worth it at the end to get up early and force myself. I need to go back to the old days of my Fajr challenges and hold myself accountable. 
I will be using my Bullet Journal as a means to help me be productive and hold myself accountable as well. I want and need to give 100% in everything I do...which leads me to #2

2.  Service with a smile: I would like to spend 30 days applying Fascinating Womanhood and that is what I am going to do In shaa Allaah. I desire to be more catering to my love ones. My desires need to turn into actions and so for the pleasure of my Lord I want to provide a beautiful service to my family and make them feel good to be around me. I believe this will help bring the hearts closer by the permission of Allaah and humble myself.

3. Service Ameenah with a smile: Yes my friends! I need to include being good to myself. So while feeding my mind with ways to be better in the main areas of my life, I would like to feed my emotional well being. I want to actually apply self-care techniques that I've learned throughout the years. How can I give of myself and not invest in me? My cup has to be filled too! Saying encouraging words to myself, writing more journal entries for healing and release - it's time to let go burdens and baggage. It's so time to move forward...

4. Studying the deen. It is always a given that with Ramadan comes with the increase of studying the religion. I want to pace myself and pick a topic to study. Or I would like to follow one class for the whole month. My goal is to listen to a class recording and study at night in the quiet.  In the daytime, I will be reading Qur'aan and trying to keep up with all the Muslims around the world. 

5. Throw or donate things. Removing the clutter from my life is necessary for me and it feels like freedom. I don't want to spend any more energy cleaning up things that are unnecessary or way too much (like clothes and toys). So I'll be going through my clothes and adopting a minimalistic approach to my life.

6. Send out beneficial reminders or positive affirmations via WhatsApp, Skype or Instagram through art or simple messages to all my friends, family, and complete strangers In shaa Allaah.

7. Cooking simple and quick meals that are healthy and nourishing :)

8. Cry it all out. Yes, I said it. This should go with #3 but I'll make it separate so that I can better explain it. I am a firm believer of sometimes you need to cry all that madness out and then resolve in your head and heart to move forward. I'll cry it out - whatever that is- in my prayer and ask Allaah to make me grow and benefit from whatever I've gone through. I promise you it maybe that snotty nose, eyes puffy and face red cry.... *inserts not so pretty face* 

9. Forgive. I plan on not only forgiving but asking others to forgive me. For me, I need to forgive those who have wronged me so much so that I do not remember nor bring up their wrongs. How can anyone truly forgive a person but yet constantly nag them on things they may have done. So while you are reading this post - If I in any way harmed you or wronged you then I apologize. Whether I did this knowingly or unknowingly. I pray that Allaah first forgives me and then you o' reader Aameen!

10. Just breathe and take in everything.  I remember my reverting to Islaam and how Allaah brought me out of the dunya and lead me to the deen. Let me just relax this Ramadan with much remembrance, love, and joy and then let me spread all that stuff around like jelly! 

What are your plans for this blessed month? Here's to going into Ramadan a 'hot mess' and coming out of it so much better In shaa Allaah.

May Allaah give us all true success in this life and the next Aameen

Please share with me your plans so that I may benefit and others too!

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