Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ramadan Reflections: Coloring Pages

Ramadan Mubarak!!!!!

How are you guys? How's your first day of Ramadan?

Al Hamdulillaah it's been going well for me so far! I can't complain!

I've been over here making coloring pages! For the month of Ramadan, I'll be doing a series called: Ramadan Reflections In shaa Allaah. This is a time for me and all of us to truly reflect on this month and all the beautiful things about this deen. So my intention is to share meaningful artwork, blog post, and organizational tips all centered around Islaamic reminders. 

So I offer you this free printable to get the ball rollin'. Adults and children can enjoy these coloring pages and Al Hamdulillaah while you color you get to read the Islaamic benefits. It is a time to reflect and relax <3.

You can download these 3 printables here


  1. This is wonderful!! Thank you. I will print these out for my nephews and nieces. How exciting!

    1. Thanks Ms. Vicki!!!! You are very welcome and I would love to see how your coloring pages turn out! :)


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