Saturday, May 06, 2017

Shop Vida: Mariam Poppins


If you are new here then I'm Ameenah and this is Mariam Poppins! Welcome!

Thanks for being here ya'll! I wanted to share that some of my artwork is being sold in an online shop! (click on the title to read more)

This isn't my main shop but it's one of them! I'm really glad to have this opportunity. As time goes on I will be adding more pieces in the shop.

I have another shop opening up where I will be selling my artwork In shaa Allaah. A lot of the pictures you may see on Instagram are available for sell and can either be sent as document or via snail mail framed and everything!

This is my year of yes and I'm praying that since this is a new thing for me - for me to say yes that I will come across and participate in some awesome adventures this year.

So check out my Instagram and see what artwork I have and if you see something you want or you need something customize to fit your taste then feel free to reach out to me :

*claps* I'm so happy that I can share this journey with all of you guys! This blog has grown so much so thank you everyone for the support, warm thoughts and du'aas!!

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