Sunday, June 04, 2017

Healthy Habits For A Productive Morning

Hey, you guys! Happy Sunday!

Since it's Sunday and everyone is preparing for the new week coming in then this would be such a great time to talk about developing healthy habits for a productive morning!

Have you ever wondered how some people can just wake up in the morning with a spring in their step and with some bubbly personality to match? Or have you ever wondered how to get the most from your day? Well, this post is for you friend!

Here are some healthy habits for a productive morning!

1. Fuel your body with something healthy and nutritious. 

In order for our body to work for us and not against us then we need to feed it with something proper. In order to give our best and work efficiently then eat a healthy meal or smoothie. Make it a habit to fuel your body with the things it needs to work best for you.
2. Make a list.

Whether you make a list via your phone or on paper. Make a list! Plan your day so that you can have clear objectives & goals. Time is important and so we shouldn't waste it. Even though plans change or schedules run over, you still should plan.

Planning your day and making a list helps to declutter your mind and gives you a better understanding of what things you need to accomplish in order to have the best day possible. Planning doesn't have to be a boring event. Make yourself some tea, get out your favorite journal/planner, some stickers, and some washi and then get to work. 

3. Wake up an hour early. 

This is something I've been saying for years and I'll say it again: GET UP EARLY! Getting up early leaves you so much time to knock out that list you wrote out for yourself. Getting up early every day will leave you more free time. When I wake up with the house, my day starts off wrong. I don't like waking up with everyone, I rather wake up before the sunrise. 

4. Create ambience

I don't like doing work all the time but my husband noticed I have a love for color, stickers, markers, and journals. So he made me an office so that I can do all the work I need for businesses. So creating the environment that you want in order to be productive is necessary. So light some candles, put on the essential oil diffuser, open the curtains, and play some audio. Get your mind hyped for the day.

5. Audio. 

I love to put on audio while I'm doing a lot of things. Something that keeps me motivated is listening to motivational speakers. I go through phases where I lose motivation or need some inspiration. So I'll put on a list of motivational speakers who are always yelling LOL! My husband says I always have to have someone yelling. I don't call it yelling - they just talk loudly and passionately about being the best and never quitting lol. Even in the middle of the day when I'm working on my blog, I may have several YouTubers who are talking about organization and motivation playing in the background. So I recommend listening to audio to get you inspired.

What are some healthy habits you have and do for a productive morning?

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