Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Ramadan Reflections: Nourish your husband

Ramadan Reflections and the importance of investing in your husband....thoughts of a wife striving:

"It's my job to nourish you every day of my life. Every day it's my job to nourish you with healthy food but also with words of encouragement. If ever you are deprived of these things then I have not done my job.

Depriving you of what nourishes your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being is wrong. If it is in my control then I am wrong. Every day that I decide not to fill your cup up then it's another day that hurts the family and pushes us back on the bar of progress. When I don't let you lead then I'm not trusting you with your position.

My job is to be there when you get knocked down, instead of looking at you with disappointment. It takes courage to admit when you are wrong and to start all over again. I feel so emotional as this Ramadan has been so much reflection...

"At the end of your feelings is nothing, but at the end of every principle is a promise." Subhana' Allaah .....better yet at the end of applying everything in Islaam is a promise.

The promise is true. And I'm missing out on the bigger picture, every single time I do not nourish you.

I want what has been promised by Allaah if I listen to Him and apply everything. Then I'm going to go all out and get it. I know it won't be easy and if it was easy then everyone would be able to do it.

I'm not going to let my past failures get me down....I'm not going to let my past determine who I really want to be. Who I know I can be.

Starting now...starting right now - my job is to nourish you. To fix the pieces that I broke. I no longer want to be the carrier of the self-righteousness flag. I want to accept you as you are and admire you for the man that I know you can be. In shaa Allaah with all this studying I've been doing this Ramadan I notice where I'm failing at. Though you look at me with such love and understanding....I know I can do better.

I want the promise....

And I'm going to go all out to have it. In shaa Allaah

I can do this.

I'm better than yesterday. I'm taking responsibility for my life.....and it's up to me to take myself where I want to go.

I'm sorry.

I'm so tired of messing up but it doesn't matter what happen in the past.it only matters what I'm going to do about it.

I'm ready.....

I'm going to push myself - it doesn't matter what happen yesterday.  In shaa Allaah I'm going to make this goal a reality. It's embedded in me. I know it's right. No more talking about it.....I won't talk about it anymore.




In shaa Allaah............ I'm about to be everything I want to be as a wife. No matter what thoughts manifest that only serves as a means to derail me - I won't pay attention. It's been time to be who I want to be. Each day could be my last - live your life the way you want to live it, everyone! No matter what you think of your husband, don't stop doing your job. When you get discouraged, think of the bigger picture, the promise and love your husband for the man you know he can be. "

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